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If I had to make an early bet on the theme of 2018, and while I know it is bound to change, based on the first few weeks I would hands down say it is the year of changing relationship status.  Not only my own relationships, but also those of people around me, ranging from friendship to marriage, and I seem to have a front row seat to it all.  Just in the last week I have been to a wedding; an engagement party; consoled a friend that ended a several years long relationship; went out with a friend trying to reconcile his own marriage; spoke with family members about their own relationships both ending and ongoing; discussed intimacy and intentions in relationships with friends; and I also had to have my own hard discussion about “trying to be just friends” moving forward in a relationship.

Clearly, we were created to live in community with others, but reflecting on the last few days has revealed some of the many different approaches and issues that we all face.  The following posts will take a look at different aspects of relationships and community through the lens of Job 28:28.  We all seek wisdom in examining our relationship status, and I would like to explore a few topics through what our verse says about wisdom.  In particular, how does “fear of the Lord” provide us wisdom in relationships and what we do that causes us to fall short?

I would like to discuss and hear from you about friendship and relationships.  What is the difference between being a friend and being in a relationship? Do you act the same around friends and significant others? How do you find intimacy in a relationship and is it important?  Do you ever find yourself just managing your friends’ expectations?  Are you ever motivated by fear or anxiety about the future in your friendships or relationships?

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